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¿What is the use of a gluteal lipoinjection?

The gluteal lipoinjection increases the projection and definition of your buttocks. In other words, this fat, taken from another part of your body volume to your buttocks making them look more sexy and youthful.

¿What are the aspects in which gluteal lipoinjection is beneficial?

This lipoinjection adds much to the body silhouette or body contour because, it is a fact, that the gluteal area has a leading role in personal appearance and physical attractiveness. A well-preserved body, but lacking defined buttocks downplays the general body appearance and harmony.

¿How natural will my buttocks look if I get ​​a gluteal lipoinjection?

A natural look is one of the strongest features which have made this intervention one of the most common procedures worldwide.  Since these are your own cells, they integrate to the surrounding tissues without visible or palpable transitions. They look natural precisely because the procedure uses no artificial elements.

¿Does it hurt much?

Usually it does not hurt. The vast majority of the time there are no painful symptoms with the technique that I apply. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that pain sensitivity varies between every individual. But even if you were the exception, there are very powerful and effective drugs which can be orally administrated.

¿How long should I stay in the hospital?

Not a day. You can leave the hospital a few hours after completion of surgery.

¿How long should I stay home?

We recommend an initial period of three days, not entirely on the bed. The overall time depends on the volume of fat injected and the number of zones which were aspirated in order to collect such fat.

¿How long after the procedure can I return to the gym?

Approximately one month. The reason for this relies more on the zones where the aspiration took place more than the gluteal area, where the fat was injected.

¿Is it true that a part of what is put in the procedure will be reabsorbed?

It is true. Between 30 to 50 percent. Since it is a known phenomenon that always occurs, during surgery, 30 to 50 more is injected to compensate the absorption in order to get the desired results. Reabsorption is the result of the normal activity from your defense cells (leucocyte or White blood cells) that are responsible for removing fat cells (adipocytes) that are identified as inflamed. They are simply inflamed by surgical manipulation from the aspiration, washing, and finally the infiltration which takes place in your buttocks.

¿Will I be able to sit quietly without damaging the procedure?

Right. Fat is deposited at various levels (or depths) and it behaves like the other cells which already inhabited the area.

¿How much time without sitting down will pass in order to avoid damaging the newly placed fat?

You can sit and lie on your back from the beginning of your recovery, although initially for periods not exceeding 10 minutes. A week later you can sit down normally. Keep in mind that most of the volume is located in an area where the body is not supported when sitting, so this is an issue which you should not be worried about.

¿If I gain weight in the future, will I also gain fat in this area?

Yes, your cells will simply change their location, but will behave as usual. This for most patients (and their couples) is good news.

¿Is it dangerous to get an injection of vaccine in the future?

No. The application of an injection does not become dangerous by the amount of fat in the region but the technique by which it is applied. There is no need to change the conventional site for vaccines (upper outer quadrant).

¿Will the buttocks have normal consistency or will it be noticeable that I was injected with fat?

These are your own fat cells which will be injected so the consistency will be equal the surrounding areas.

¿Can I receive donations from a close relative?

No. Note even from your parents, or siblings. The compatibility in this case is not like the one in blood.

¿Is there any chance of rejection?

No. Note van from your parents or siblings. The compatibility in this case is not like the one in blood.

¿Will I lose the sense of feeling in my buttocks?

No. Sensitivity remains intact.




  • Quite la grasa no deseada sin dolor
  • Mínimo de moretones y no hay puntos de sutura
  • Cicatrices casi inexistentes
  • Re-contorno del cuerpo
  • Tonifica y suaviza la piel
  • Parecer más joven, más firme, más radiante
  • Da resultados inmediatos y permanentes
  • Procedimiento seguro con anestesia local