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¿What is a lipectomy?

To understand this procedure better, let's start something common. Have you seen the horizontal scar after cesarean surgery? Well, this type of incision is called Pfannesthiel and it is the most common in cesareans because it leaves a more aesthetic results compared to a vertical approach. Lipectomy consists of a horizontal incision (cut) which is done on an area lower than a Cesarean and it extends along each side enough to remove sagging zone and skin imperfections such as stretch marks or scars from previous surgeries. With this achievement alone, people are happy. But I like to always add the plication of the abdominal muscles to completely flatten the tummy and define the waist, surpassing what a body slimmer usually does. Finally, the belly button will change its shape to achieve total harmony.

¿What is an abdominal plication?

Briefly consists of making a corset belt with your own abdominal tissue taking advantage of the strong structures which recover the muscles , its effects are similar to those of a body slimmer garment but permanent and permanent. It is a procedure that can be added or not while performing a lipectomy.  It requires more surgical time but the sensational results are clearly worth it. In the cases of women who have had children, many of them mention that they had never (even before their first pregnancy) had such a small waist.

¿What are the differences between Lipectomy, Abdominal Dermolipectomy, Abdominoplasty and Tummy Tuck?

None. In practical terms all these expressions refer to the same procedure in which the abdomen is embellished to eliminate defects located in the lower abdominal section.

¿What is the difference between Lipectomy, minilipectomy and Abdominal Plication?

In a Lipectomy, a large portion of skin is eliminated, in a minilipectomy it is a smaller portion, and in the procedure of abdominal plication no portion of skin is removed. The minilipectomy and Lipectomy can be performed without any plication (or form a corset with) the abdominal wall respecting the style of each surgeon, but I always include it in the three procedures.

¿Do all surgeons perform the same surgical technique for performing a Lipectomy (tummy tuck)?

No. There are several surgical techniques or ways to perform a lipectomy, although having in common certain main phases since the goal is the same: remove the lower abdominal skin and fat, to improve the definition of the abdomen. The main difference between surgeons lies in the level of perfectionism. In my case, I do not settle with just eliminating the flaccid tissues on the lower abdominal area (for which only two hours are needed) but I also made ​​several abdominal plications that manage to flatten 100 % the abdominal wall and mark the waist in a way which is simply surprising.

¿How many cm can decrease or sizes?

Applying most current technique at its best you can reduce at least 15cm or 3 sizes.

¿What is one miniabdominoplasty?

It consists of the removal of a skin segment smaller than the one performed in an abdominoplasty. Any additional procedure depends on the style of each surgeon. In my case, I like to always perform the same plications as the plications applied in a conventional abdominoplasty although performing such through a much smaller hole is much more uncomfortable.

¿What determines who will make me a tummy tuck or mini abdominoplasty?

It depends on the amount of flaccid or defective tissue you have at the region that is below the belly button.

¿Is it true that you have to deinsertion the navel for a tummy tuck?

No. The location of the bellybutton is changed, its shape is only changed to make it stylized.

¿How big is the scar?

The length or size of the scar depends on the abundance of fat and flaccid tissue to remove. If the defects are located only in a small region the scar can be very small. The minimum length is 10 cm (3 inches) in these cases is called miniabdominoplasty.

¿Am I going to notice much scar?

Have you noticed that a cesarean scar made ​​horizontally is less noticeable than an incision made vertically? In an abdominoplasty, a longer but lower incision tan a cesarean incision is made, allowing it to be concealed with proper underweara

¿Is it true that men can also perform a tummy tuck?

Today it is common for men to get this procedure. The list of benefits is the same regardless of the gender (see question number ...) obviously respecting the masculine aspect of the waist.

¿At what age I can make me a tummy tuck?

From 15 to 17 years. In case of a female patient it is performed without plication of the abdominal muscles, since the possibility of future pregnancies is assumed.

¿What is the maximum age at which I can fulfill myself a tummy tuck?

I have operated people over 70 years old. Regardless of the above, the limit for performing surgery is not set by chronological age but fitness (at any age) established under the standards of the clinical record, laboratory analysis and preoperative assessment made by the internist.

¿To have a small waist always be necessary to get a tummy tuck?

No. In case that you do not have flappy skin, a smaller and lower incision tan a cesarean can be made, where I perform muscle plication to flatten the abdomen and define the waist.

¿How long do the effects of a tummy tuck?

The effects of the surgery are long term and definitive if accompanied with a balanced diet. There is no hanging tissues anymore and they will not grow again. Also the muscle wall will not be flaccid again since plication remains.

¿How many hours does a tummy tuck?

Two hours when only the skin and the fat is cut. Four hours when a multiple abdominal plication (corset) is also performed. These are basically averages given the fact that it is not the same to operate a very overweight person than a person who is relatively thin. However the most important factor that influences the amount of time that a surgery takes is the thoroughness with which the tissues are handled, the number of sutures; in general terms the degree of perfectionism applied by the surgeon.

¿How I can set a surgeon is a perfectionist?

The key words are: time, references, and artistic ability.  Common sense is the best tool to understand its importance. Regarding time spend on surgery: a truly special meal or a house whose beauty is out of the ordinary demand an amount of time which is consistent with the degree of thoroughness. A lipectomy can be done in two or four hours, it is clear that two less hours mean to sacrifice something, two more hours contribute much to the final result. To finish fast and be careful is an impossible mix. The highest quality is not achieved by rushing up. As for personal references: Determine and establish what is the main characteristic which seems the most important when a specific surgeon in referred: low prices, fast in terms of surgical times, or the quality of the results. As for the artistic ability: ..... A perfectionist necessarily offers a higher quality.

¿Do you have to be under general anesthesia?

No, on the contrary, it is common to use epidural or spinal anesthesia (placed in the back) plus sedation.  In other words you would be awake (or sleepy) but without feeling any pain.

¿Is it safe anesthesia placed in the back?

Yes, it is so safe that it is the main choice among special procedures such as childbirth or caesarean section where a very selective type of anesthesia which does not only eliminate sensitivity but at the same time does not circulate in the blood stream so it does not deteriorate  the first impulse of the baby to breath. In conclusion it has fewer side effects and possible complications.

¿Am I can get pregnant after a tummy tuck?

The recommendation is not to. There are insufficient statistics around the issue, and although there are several cases of normal pregnancies carried to term after a tummy tuck, it is best not to get pregnant. If your lipectomy was limited to cutting the skin, fat without a muscle plication on the abdominal wall: yes you can get pregnant later. The extensibility and adaptation of the skin is amazing. But it will increase the chance of the appearance of stretch marks.

¿Does the anesthesia in the back is the same as in caesarean section or delivery?

Yes, it is the same but with one big difference: sedation. Sedatives provide a great sense of calm, however its use is not allowed when there is a baby involved. It is not recommended that the baby is born sleepy than starting to breath.

¿How to anesthesia called back?

Technically the name epidural or spinal anesthesia is used regarding the anatomical space where the anesthetic is deposited.

¿How long would you stop working?

The average goes from 10 days to three weeks. The amount of resting time depends on the amount of tissue eliminated (cut), the combination with other procedures (liposculpture) and responsiveness to trauma that each person has.

¿Is it very painful recovery from a tummy tuck?

No, it is usually minimal or absent. The pain usually does not exceed the number 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. People consider the consumption of analgesics when the pain gets to 5.

¿What hurts more: a caesarean section or a tummy tuck?

Definitely a cesarean. In a lipectomy superficial tissues (skin and fat without cutting muscles) are manipulated, instead of the above, in a cesarean procedure the surgeon cuts through the muscular wall to reach the abdominal cavity where the uterus is also opened. Lastly through this incision, the baby is extracted.

¿Is it true that I must be in the fetal position for 15 days?

Not in my case. I usually send my patients to the shower from the next day. It is advised to avoid fully upright position for 7 to 10 days, but not in such as flexed position as fetal.

¿How long after I return to the gym?

AAfter two or three months. Each person has a different rate of recovery. There are complementary therapies such as diathermy and ultrasound which can decrease the recovery time.

¿How long after I load my kids?

After the first month, as long as the control rating and lab tests results established so as each body is different.

¿How soon can I travel?

Road trips under two hours or by plane can be taken by day 12 or 15. It is preferable to add a week of rest if the distances by road are longer, or if the road is in bad condition.

¿Always accompanied by liposuction or liposculpture?

Not necessarily. There are cases in which the predominant defect is flappy skin and stretch marks with little or no excess fat.

¿Can I have a tummy tuck being a thin person?

Yes I often find women who keep a relatively thin body after pregnancy, but still have important defects such as flappy skin or stretch marks in the lower abdomen. In these cases it is more likely that the resultant horizontal scar has reduced dimensions.




  • Quite la grasa no deseada sin dolor
  • Mínimo de moretones y no hay puntos de sutura
  • Cicatrices casi inexistentes
  • Re-contorno del cuerpo
  • Tonifica y suaviza la piel
  • Parecer más joven, más firme, más radiante
  • Da resultados inmediatos y permanentes
  • Procedimiento seguro con anestesia local